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Abbott, Minabelle:
1 Box, Audio Recordings; 1 Folder, photographs
Minabelle Abbott Hutchins was born in Dearborn County, IN and worked from secretary to actress at WLW in 1935, becoming lead actress in “The Life of Mary Southern.” After returning to Cincinnati, she led the WLW Mailbag Club and was later heard on the WKRC “Mailbag Club” program. Collection was donated by husband Ralph Hutchins and son in 2000. Consists of approximately 25 acetate 16″ transcription discs of mid-1930s WLW programs. All have been digitized. Also about six photographs.

Adrick, Jay Collection:
1 Box
Jay Adrick was an engineer with Harris-Allied Corporation and co-founder of WVXU-FM. Collection consists mainly of professional periodicals, Taft Headquarters dedication, some Ruth Lyons calendars, etc. Interesting dissertation by Joseph Link “Development of Professional Radio-Television Education in Cincinnati, Ohio 1939-1959.” Jay also donated television camera that was the last American made camera from Harris, as well as a section of support cable at WLW Blaw-knox tower.

Ashwell, Tom Collection:
1 Box
Items representing part of the career of WLWT producer and director Tom Ashwell, including photos and artwork from WLWT lobby and copies of some of his programs.

Baldwin, Lloyd Collection:
1/2 Box consisting of 3 folders of photographs
A collection of photographs of WCKY and WZIP photographs from 1950s and early 1960s. Two recordings of Baldwin-produced radio documentaries.

Bankemper, Miriam Collection:

1 box A collection of big band autographs and photographs collected mainly in the 1950s and 60s.

Bonnie Lou Collection:
3 Boxes
Items related to the career of Bonnie Lou (Okum), longtime Cincinnati vocalist and personality. Items include plaques and awards, some photographs, reel-to-reel recordings, two albums and three scrapbooks that date from her early career in Kansas City. Donated by her daughter Connie Werlert in March 2016.

Burns, David Collection:
1 Box
Interesting collection of a variety of items related to Powel Crosley and WLW from the 1920s and 1930s. Several photographs, some scripts, booklets and promotional materials. Burns worked in the engineering area and so many of the items in the collection and technically oriented.

Cincinnati Post Collection:
5 File Cabinets
The television and radio files from the former Cincinnati Post consisting mostly of promotional ad-kits for network and cable television shows. Very little Cincinnati-oriented stuff, although some. Ad kits consist of colorful folders, promotional photos and other related items. Donated by Rick Bird and salvaged from impending disposal.

Crawford, Jay Collection:
1 Over-sized Box
Jay Crawford was the longtime engineer of WEBN and salvaged two oversized scrapbooks from being disposed of, featuring several candid photographs and promotional items related to the 1960s and 1970s era of the radio station. Also includes some loose photographs from fireworks photography contest.

Davison, Jim Collection:
8 Boxes
Items donated by Jim Davison, one of the leading historians of Cleveland radio history. Many items are generic books, data sheets and items from broadcasting in general. Also, several items related specifically to Cleveland radio history including one box of newspaper clippings (uncatalogued.) Jim also donated several pieces of broadcast equipment including studio control boards and turntables.

Dixon, Paul Collection:
3 Boxes
Almost exclusively plaques and awards given to Paul Dixon during his career. Donated by Margie Dixon.

Fisher, Mickey Collection:
8 Boxes
Items donated by Mickey Fisher, longtime assistant to Ruth Lyons and employee of WLWT television. Includes some rare awards and other items related directly to Ms. Lyons but also items of promotional nature from WLWT, including some photographs. Also a collection of VHS tapes of network news programming.

Friedmann, James Collection:
6 Boxes, several larger items
Jim was a longtime Cincinnati video producer who owned Blind Squirrel Productions. Items in collection are largely taken from his company and award winning production, including several large posters. Also, several video tapes from his work on PM Magazine, WCPO and other projects. Also included is a file of photographs used in his book Cincinnati Television. Jim also donated several 1940s and 50s era televisions that are on display in the museum.

The Guffin, Charles Photograph Collection
With a scrapbook kept by the late WLW engineer Charlie Guffin, this collection contains over a hundred candid photographs taken in and around the WLW studios during its superpower years of the 1930’s.

Haehnle-Dooley Collection:
3 Boxes
A collection of photographs and other promotional materials originally collected by former WLWT engineer Ed Dooley as well as WLW continuity writer Edyth Haehnle. Several engineering items related to the career of former Crosley VP Clyde Haehnle, including notes for 1-million kw transmitter application. Donated by Clyde Haehnle.

Howard, Max Collection:
1/2 Box
Copies of recordings of WKRC’s Max B. Nimble children’s television program.

Jaggers, Michael Collection:
2 Boxes
Items collected by Michael Jaggers pertaining to the career of Ruth Lyons including awards, photographs and personal items that belonged to Lyons and her daughter, Candy.

Johnston, Boss Family Collection
1/2 Box (shared with Henry Theis collection)
Boss Johnston was a writer and storyteller from Hogan Valley, near Aurora, IN. He began working at WLW in 1928 and was a hunting buddy of Powel Crosley. Helped found Friendship Black Powder Shoot in Indiana. Was noted for his weekly, off the cuff commentaries featured on WLW farm shows and his folksy drawl and mannerisms. Collection consists of some scripts, a few recordings ands several photographs of WLW co-workers in the late ‘20s and ‘30s. Donated in 2003 by granddaughter and grandson.

Jones, Bob Collection:
5 Smaller Boxes
Over 100-reel-to-reel audio tapes containing copies of Bob Jones’ interviews used on his WKRC “Kaleidoscope” radio program in the mid-1960s.

Kendrick, Ted Collection:
2 Boxes
Kendrick was an engineer for WCKY and WWEZ for many years. The collection consists of WCKY and WWEZ memorabilia as well as a large banner and a collection of engineering manuals and periodicals.

King, Dr. James C. Collection:
1 Box
Consisting of candid photographs and other memorabilia collection by Dr. James C. King, founder of WVXU radio at Xavier University.

Matlock, Stan Collection:
6 Boxes
Over 30,000 one paged, typed scripts Stan Matlock wrote for use on his WKRC “Magazine of the Air” program from the 1950s into the 1970s. Also, two personal scrapbooks including one marking his 25th anniversary. Also included are some of his awards. Donated by Louis Matlock Kaiser.

McConaha-Rhodes, Carrol Collection:
2 Boxes
Items and memorabilia saved by Carrol Rhodes from her brief career at WLW (1941-1943) when she worked as a broadcaster in the farm department. Rare and interesting items including pay stubs, photographs, scripts and other keepsakes from that period.

Miller, Robert and Dorothy Collection
20 Boxes
Bob Miller was the longtime director of WLW agricultural broadcast division. Dottie, his wife, also was active at the station and was on the air briefly in 1945. Bob’s extensive and detailed collection represents his personal archives spanning 50 years in broadcasting. Not just broadcasting, however, as Bob was very active in all matters agriculture and education. Part of the archives traces his work with Peace Corp and international work, for which he was honored and met presidents. Also some records mark WLW Farmer’s Night at ballpark and correspondence with listeners. Also represented, material from Everybody’s Farm. Donated, in parts, by Bob and later Dottie over span of 2001-2011

Myers, Bill and Maryanne, Collection:
2 Boxes
Items pertaining to Bill and Maryanne Myers’ career at WLW and WLWT including balop cards, photographs and other memorabilia.

O,Neill, James Francis Patrick (JFPO) Family Collection
18 Boxes
JFPO was a longtime Cincinnati announcer and educator, best noted for stints on WLW, WLYK and WSAI. He died of empheszema in 2002. Collection consists of his daily script notes used over the course of his long career. Possibly some 30,000 pages of notes. Very detailed. Loosely catalogued, though groupings of years mixed somewhat. Also includes three boxes of Rolling Stone magazine. Donated by son, , and daughter, Kathleen O’Neill.

Patterson, Gene and Flora Collection:
2 Boxes
Extensive collection of hundreds of photographs mounted in three large scrapbooks of WLW in the mid-1930s. Patterson was an engineer but also an amateur photographer. Flora Patterson was a vocalist. Many of the photographs are candid shots.

Perkins, Judy (Evelyn Sinclair) Collection:
3 Boxes
Memorabilia, photographs and scrapbooks of vocalist and entertainer Judy Perkins from her career (1942-1960s) at WKRC, WLWT and WMOH.

Prifogle, Myron Collection:
1/2 Box
Two albums of slides salvaged from WLWT television. One sign used “on set” from paul Dixon Show.

Ranney, James Collection:
1/2 Box
Items preserved by James Ranney, former transmitter engineer at WCKY in the 1950s to 1970s. Consisting of mostly photographs, including one scrapbook, with several candid photographs of the WCKY transmitter site. Also donated some transcription discs and a 1930s-era transcription turntable.

Rhodes, Dusty Collection:
1 Box
Collection of carts and recordings used by Dusty Rhodes. Not digitized at this time.

Sanders, H. Michael Collection:
4 Boxes, several larger items
A vast collection of early television including over 42 table top and console television sets, production equipment including TK-11 studio camera and early Crosley camera case, boxes of manuals, parts and video tapes of early Cincinnati television used during his career at the University of Cincinnati.

Secketary Hawkins Collection:
1 Box
Items related to the Secketary Hawkins radio program of the 1920s and 1930s, both at WLW in Cincinnati and over the NBC network out of Chicago, created and written by Robert Schulkers. Mostly scripts from the show, which was spun out of a series of successful newspaper stories and novels. Also some photographs and promotional items. Donated by Randy Schulkers in June 2014.

Shadler, Marty Collection:
1 Box
Items related to the career of Marty Shadler, who was a media buyer. A unique collection because it concerns the sales and promotion side of radio broadcasting including rate cards, promotional folders from a variety of stations, and promotional gift items. Donated by Marty Shadler in 2014.

Sheffield, Sherry Collection:
1 Box
Items from the career of Sherry Sheffield, former WCPO television producer. Many items related directly to her association with the Nick Clooney Show, including promotional items and other memorabilia. Donated by Sherry Sheffield.

Smith, Larry Collection:
Approx. 10 Boxes and Loose or Oversized Items
Items related to the career of puppeteer and television personality Larry Smith from his various Cincinnati television programs. Two boxes are the personal scrapbooks of Smith . Several binders of scripts used on his WGRR radio program as well. Memorabilia, promotional items, and large puppet costumes and set pieces are part of the collection and are on display in the museum. Donated by Larry Smith and Wayne Martin 2006-2015 ALSO, on loan, 46 original puppets used by Larry Smith, on loan from Larry Smith Puppets, Inc.

Spellman, Marian Collection
2 Boxes
Marian Spelman was a longtime Cincinnati vocalist and broadcaster, appearing on WLW radio and television in the 1950s and 1960s. Briefly married to Bill Nimmo, co-hosting with his From Our House To You. Also longtime vocalist on Ruth Lyons’ 50-50-Club. Collection consists of a variety of items from her Cincinnati career. Some photographs (some candid), a few recordings, some honors, clippings and record albums. Donated by friend, Whitaker, in 2009.

Stokes, Jim, Family Collection
1 Box
Scrapbook and other items from WLW “Buccaneers” bandmember Jim Stokes from 1940s.

Theis, Henry Collection
1/2 Box (shared with Boss Johnston Collection)
Henry Theis was a 1920s and 30s bandleader who decided to retire from the road and become a music director at WLW. Unfortunately, he took his own life in 1935. Collection consists of two photo album/scrapbooks. One features clippings of his various bands. The second features photographs of celebrities who wrote to him. Some of the band photographs are labeled, which makes it somewhat helpful. Donated by his grandson in 2003.

West, Sue Collection:
1/2 Box
Notes used by West for the writing of Ruth Lyons’ autobiography, Remember With Me.

Whorf, Mike Collection:
Approx. 3,000 LPs
The record collection of Mike Whorf, creator of the nationally syndicated Kaliedoscope program from WGR Detroit. Many of the LPs are unusual spoken-word histories and are likely very rare. Most of the discs are music and background themes.

Wilson, Gene and Elaine Collection:
1 Box
Collections of Moon River recordings from the 1980s revitalization. On DAT, not digitized.

Wood, Mary Collection:
1 Box
Items from the long career of Cincinnati Post media critic Mary Wood, spanning from the 1940s through the 1980s and her retirement. Among the items are photographs, samples of her columns, and various awards and plaques celebrating her long career. Donated by her daughter Sally Thomson.

WVXU Collection:
2 Boxes
Mostly discarded paperwork from WVXU when it was owned by Xavier University. Some recordings.

Ziv, Frederic W., Collection:
20 Boxes, 10,000+ transcription discs
The radio archives of the Frederic W. Ziv Company, the world’s largest syndicator of radio and television in the 1940s and 1950s. Program sales kits, contracts and other materials covering most of the radio and some of the television programs. Thousands of pressings of Ziv radio programs. Not all shows are digitized. Made possible through arrangement with the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music.