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Teeny on Fibber McGee and Molly was played by Marian Jordan (Molly)

Quiz 10 – “Teeny” a.k.a. Marian Jordan

December 6, 2013

If you've just checked our blog, we're playing a game on our Facebook “Media Heritage, Inc.” and “Big Broadcast” pages. This was the tenth and final quiz this time around (see all of the quizzes here). Perhaps we'll do this again in the future. Have an idea for something you’d... Continue Reading »

Ma Perkins (Virginia Payne) star of one of the first soap operas broadcast on WLW, NBC, and CBS

Happy Birthday, Ma Perkins

August 14, 2013

Ma Perkins was “born” at Cincinnati's WLW radio station on this date, August 14, 1933…80 years ago! The daily soap opera was a huge success and ran for over 7000-episodes, ending as one of the final group of dramas cancelled by CBS on November 26, 1960 (often called “the day... Continue Reading »

Richard "Red" Skelton a beloved comedian from the golden days of radio

Richard “Red” Skelton

July 18, 2013

100 years ago today (July 18th), Richard “Red” Skelton was born in Vincennes, Indiana. For many he occupies a niche of fond memories and sweet smiles. His television variety program in the 1960s was a must-see, weekly event in many households. How many remember, with glassy eyes, his closing comment... Continue Reading »

James "Jim" Jordan and Marian Driscoll as Fibber McGee and Molly

Fibber McGee and Molly

February 13, 2013

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we’re highlighting one of Radio’s most beloved couples, Fibber McGee and Molly. James “Jim” Jordan (Fibber) and Marian Driscoll (Molly) first met at church choir practice in Peoria Illinois. They started out not in radio, but as a vaudeville act in Chicago. It wasn’t until 1924... Continue Reading »